While roadside mailboxes are a necessity in rural areas, they are a potential hazard to a vehicle. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) conducted extensive research on this subject. Findings indicated mailboxes were mounted at a height which breaks the windshield and enters the vehicle if hit at high speed. Additionally, massive mailbox stands of brick or stone column can stop vehicle and pose a hazard similar to hitting a concrete wall. For this reason, rigid ornamental mailboxes are not allowed on county roads. Rigid mailboxes located on county road right-of-ways determined to be a hazard will be removed by maintenance personnel. Ornamental mailbox mountings such as wagon wheels, limestone fence posts, cream cans, and plows are also considered roadside hazards.

Recommended Steps For Building A New House In Rural Sandusky County

The purpose of the following information is to assist people moving into rural Sandusky County who wish to build a new house. These recommendations will help assist those people in contacting the appropriate agencies, saving unnecessary trips to obtain permits and addressing situations with rural development prior to any problem arising.

Contact the Sandusky County Health Department for tentative approval of the proposed building site for sewage system regulations (419) 334-6373.

Call your Township Trustees to check zoning and for any possible flooding in the location you wish to build. A list of your Township Trustees may be obtained from the County Engineers Office (419) 334-9731 or by clicking here.

Check the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps at the Sandusky County Regional Planning Office (419) 334-6227.


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