Permit Information

  • These permits are for Sandusky County maintained roads only. If you live on a road maintained by the state, township, municipality, etc… contact them for permit requirements. If you need contact information or are unsure who your road is maintained by, please contact our office at (419) 334-9731 for assistance.
  • Completed permits (excluding special hauling permits) can be delivered to our office, submitted through our website, emailed, or faxed. Permits will not be processed if they are not signed by the property or utility owner.
  • Please allow 2 weeks from the date our office receives the permit for it to be finalized.

Driveway Permit

A driveway permit is needed when:

  • constructing a new driveway off of a county road.
  • reconstructing an existing driveway.
  • replacing an existing driveway culvert.

Contact our office before resurfacing an existing driveway. Concrete is not permitted within 5 feet of the existing edge of pavement.

There is no fee for this permit.

Permit To Do General Work In The Right-Of-Way

This permit is needed when:

  • utility work is being done within the right-of-way of a county road.
  • work is to be done on an existing or new drainage outlet into a county roadside ditch.
  • any other work that is to be done within a county road right-of-way may require this permit. Please contact our office for more information.

There is no fee for this permit.

Yard/Ditch Enclosure Permit

This permit is needed when:

  • a property owner wants to enclose a portion of a roadside drainage ditch along a county road.
  • a property owner wants to replace or modify an existing enclosure along a county road.

There is no fee for this permit.

Special Hauling (Overweight/Oversize Vehicle)

The Sandusky County Engineer’s Office has contracted with Integrity Permits, LLC. for the issuance of commercial vehicle permits for commercial vehicles traveling through Sandusky County, Ohio.

Companies should note overweight/oversize permits issued by the State of Ohio do not include traveling on County and Township roads.

This permitting service will allow companies to seamlessly obtain the necessary permits and avoid expensive fines and court costs which may result from an unpermitted commercial vehicle being stopped and cited by a police officer.

We encourage companies to pre-plan and obtain the necessary permits by contacting Integrity Permits, LLC. at (740) 994-1844 or (740) 994-1845.

Sandusky County Engineers