Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about a…

Road Issue?

Please locate the road on the Sandusky County map.

If the road is located within a City or a Village you will want to contact their respective roads department.

If the road is green, you will want to contact the township in which the road is located.

If the road is a bolded black line, please give us a call at (419) 334-9731 and we will be glad to help you!

If the road is red, you will want to contact ODOT at (419) 332-1585.

Building Permit or Inspection?

For residential projects, contact the local Township, City, or Village.

For commercial projects, contact the Sandusky County Building Code Department at (419) 333-6907.


The Sandusky County Engineer’s Office maintains submitted survey records for the county.  We have copies of surveys dating back to the early 1800’s up to the present day.

Surveys received prior to 2009 are available to view on our Survey Page.

Surveys received after 2009 are available for viewing at our office, or by contacting us at (419) 334-9731.

Legal Description?

Please call the Sandusky County GIS/Tax Map Office at (419) 334-6230.

Ditch Cleaning?

Please call our office at (419) 334-9731.

Ditch Petition?

Please visit our Ditch Petition page, or contact our Drainage Coordinator at (419) 334-9731 for information on current projects.

Heavy Hauling Permit?

Please review our permit page or contact Integrity Permits at (740) 994-1844 or (740) 994-1845.

New Driveway or a Driveway Modification?

Contact the agency that maintains the road that you are building the driveway off of. They will advise you as to what is needed to build the driveway (permit, properly sized drainage tile, proper use of materials near the roadway, etc.). Unsure who to contact? Please refer to the question “Who maintains my road?”.

New Structure being built in Rural Sandusky County?

Prior to purchasing property, or starting the building process, it is recommended that you contact ALL agencies involved to verify the site is sufficient for building.

The local township or municipal office can answer your questions about building and zoning requirements and permits.

If the property will require a septic system and/or well, the Sandusky County Public Health Environmental Health Division, (419) 334-6373, can offer advice and assistance. Otherwise, contact your local sewage treatment department and/or water department for more information.

Zoning Regulation?

For townships or municipalities with zoning regulations, you can contact their Zoning Inspector.

For townships that do not have zoning, you can contact Regional Planning at (419) 334-6227 for more information.

Our office does not handle Zoning Regulations.

New Address Request?

Contact the Sandusky County GIS/Tax Map Office at (419) 334-6230 for more information.

New Mailbox Installation?

Rigid ornamental mailboxes (e.g. masonry columns, posts set in concrete, railroad ties, stones, tractor/wagon wheels, plows, concrete filled barrels, etc.) and mailboxes mounted at a height which could break the windshield and enter the vehicle if hit at high speeds are not permitted on county roads. Rigid mailboxes located on county road right-of-ways determined to be a hazard may be subject to removal by maintenance personnel.

Feel free to contact our Office at (419) 334-9731 if you have further questions.

Request to Change the Speed Limit?

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) ORC-4511.21 establishes speed limit laws in Ohio. By law, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) must approve speed zones for roads and streets regardless of jurisdiction. ODOT has developed a flow chart that shows the Speed Limit Process for Local Roadways.

Sign being added to your Road?

Please understand that it is a common misconception that posting certain signs actually improves safety. Studies have shown that many types of signs attempting to warn of normal conditions in residential areas, or conditions that are not always present, have failed to achieve the desired safety benefits. Such signs include: CHILDREN AT PLAY or WATCH FOR CHILDREN. These types of signs can result in a disservice as they encourage residents to believe they have an added degree of protection.

If you would like further clarification, please contact the agency that maintains your road.

Aerial Photo?

Aerial photos from 2020, 2017, and 2015 are available to view by selecting the “GIS” Quick Link on the Sandusky County Auditor’s website. You may also call the Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Tax Map Office at (419) 334-6230. They are located in the Sandusky County Courthouse.

To view Aerial photos from 1950 – 2012 please give us a call at (419) 334-9731. We will be glad to schedule an appointment for viewing.

Flood Zone?

Regional Planning will be glad to help you! Please call (419) 334-6227.

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Please call us at (419) 334-9731.

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