Duties and Responsibilities

“County Surveyor” was one of the original offices created by the first General Assembly when Ohio was admitted to the Union in 1803. In those early days the major function of the office was related to the clarification of land titles and governmental boundaries. Over the years, responsibilities shifted to road, bridge and ditch construction.

The office was made elective in 1831. The original term of office was three years. This was changed to four years in 1928. On August 30, 1935 the title of the office was changed to “County Engineer”. Today only persons who hold certificates of Registration as both “Professional Engineer” and “Surveyor” qualify for the office of County Engineer.

The County Engineer is responsible for all maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, reconstruction and construction of pavements, culverts and bridges on County roads. This includes snow removal, mowing and sign maintenance.

The County Engineer is also responsible for all bridges on Township roads and bridges within municipalities which are on or on the extension of a State Highway or County road.

Other responsibilities include engineering advisor to Township Trustees for the maintenance and improvement of their road system and processing County Ditch Petitions.

In Sandusky County there are 297 miles of County roads and approximately 261 bridges for which the Engineer is responsible. The department has 27 employees and has an annual income of approximately $5 million. Revenues are derived from fuel taxes, special hauling permits, license fees and court fees.

Sandusky County Engineers

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