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Sandusky County Map

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The Sandusky County Engineer Carlos A. Baez Sr., P.E., P.S. Welcomes You!

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The Sandusky County Engineers and Officials are dedicated to serving the hard working tax payers of Sandusky County in the most convenient and efficient manner possible. Our website was designed to allow residents to keep up with county projects, see county maps, download permits, find information about bids/contracts and much more.


Duties & Responsibilities of the County Engineer: "County Surveyor" was one of the original offices created by the first General Assembly when Ohio was admitted to the Union in 1803. In those early days the major function of the office was related to the clarification of land titles and governmental boundaries. Over the years, responsibilities shifted to road, bridge and ditch construction. Today we are responsible for all maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, reconstruction and construction of pavements, culverts and bridges on County roads. This includes snow removal, mowing and sign maintenance. Learn more about our Duties and Responsibilities

Our website is updated regularly and information is readily available for download instantly from our page. Some of the items that are available on our page for download are permit forms, county maps, trustee lists, newsletters, photographs and more. If you would like to see a specific item available on our website please contact us and make a suggestion, we work for you!


Bridge Repair Snow Removal

We always welcome your feedback and concerns and you can contact us by email: Send Email! or by going to our contact page and filing out our online form about County projects and engineering related concerns.

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