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Plan holder Registration

To be eligible to bid on a project your company must be added to a plan holders list. If submitting a bid for a project, notify the County Engineer's Office to be placed on the plan holder list by providing company information and the project you will be bidding on. The planholder registration form is on the project listing page located at the link below:


Project List


Contract Procedure:

Sealed Proposals will be received by the Sandusky County Board of Commissioners,
622 Croghan Street, Fremont, Ohio 43420 for furnishing all labor, material and equipment
necessary to complete the project, at a said time and place, publicly opened and read aloud.


Receipt of Bids:


Upon delivery, all bids will be stamped in with the date and time of receipt.


Late Responses:


Responses received after the time and date of the bid opening is a late bid or proposal,
returned unopened.

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